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A systematic Approach to the Buying Process - 3 hrs

How does an Agent design a systematic process of working with Buyers that results in a successful, seamless closing? The answer lies in the amount of preparation a Licensee does to learn about the marketplace, inventory, and how they master the minor details of facilitating the transaction. In this program, essential elements of how to handle elements of the appointment, develop an intensive and thorough interview process and establish an effective method of communication are reviewed. Investing time in education regarding building reliable and sustainable Buyer relationships will result in the development of a long-term career in real estate.

Public Trust- Handle with Care - 3 hrs

Get ready for an exciting, highly interactive course which explores issues relating to elements of a positive reputation, customer service and real estate professionalism for the general public.  Licensees will come to understand the impact of interpersonal communication as well as the negative reputation the industry incurs through predatory lending and our own advertising techniques.  Participants will leave with many useful tools as well as 8 ways to build positive public perception through the practice of a client/customer-oriented mindset.

Secrets to Listing Effectiveness -3 hrs

An essential ability in creating a long-term real estate career is how to work with Sellers in an effective and efficient manner. The realities in establishing effective processes can be a daunting task without a logical approach to problem solving. Learn how to conduct an informative client interview and also how to establish a pre and post listing process that increases consumer confidence in their perception of their Agent’s competency. Engage in this highly interactive session and design your listing approach with confidence.

Core Course 2022-2024

Disclose, Disclose, Disclose- 4 hours

The course provides licensees with a thorough review of mandatory disclosures sited in real estate license law, and valuable insight into how disclosures protect licensees from disciplinary action and build trust with the public as well.  The purpose of license law is to protect the public when involved in a real estate transaction, and disclosure to consumers is an important material component of that protection. 

Evolution of the Team - 3 hrs

Knowing yourself and how you work with and lead others is one of the most effective ways of connecting with other business professionals. Especially when your goal is to develop a quality high performing team of real estate professionals. This highly interactive session will focus on exploring different aspects of leadership, use of power, supervision and providing different ways to engage with others in a meaningful way. In addition, receive detailed information on steps to hiring assistants. In forming a high functioning team, the ultimate goal is to communicate and collaborate.

Cohesive Leadership -2 hrs

Are you leading from the huddle or directing from the sidelines? Would your team agree with your answer? You can adapt your leadership style to a changing economy and to a workforce that wants to work with you, not just for you. In the Cohesive Leadership Playbook, you will

  • ·Unflinching evaluate your business using the concept of “Auto Focus”

  • Find out how to empower your team to happily embrace new technologies

  • Compare where you’re at now with where you need to be in order to lead the group

  • Identify how the “us” in a business plan can create buy-in and long term benefits

  • ·Map out a decision-making process that’s both flexible and rational

Class Schedule

Dec 11 - Dec 17
















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