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Classroom, Zoom or Online? 


We prefer to teach you in the classroom, just like at college. The classroom setting is ideal for those that need not only more structure to their learning style, but also prefer hands-on learning styles, and lots of explanation. This keeps distractions down to a minimum while the student learns and also lets them get to know their peers. In real estate, getting to know other people who are going through the exact same experience is not only great for networking, but also great for study groups and lifelong friendships in the business. These courses are usually a little more expensive than Distance Education or Online Courses due to the cost of books, handouts, instructor pay and instruction activity. 

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Zoom and Online

Zoom courses are structured for the distance learner to take a course "from a distance." The instructor may be available offline, but keeping up with homework or not understanding the material can be cumbersome if you can't get further clarification.  Many people take these courses from home or at work or even in their car; the main issue is that many instructors require you to have your camera on so they know it is you taking the course and not someone else. While this is good to ensure no cheating,  the instructor cannot control what others are doing  so you may get distracted by someone else's background noises or picture. These can be a cheaper option because they instructor does not have a classroom they have to teach from, but rarely are they discounted to online pricing. 

Online courses are just that; strictly  online . The book is usually online as well as all homework and it is done "asynchronously", or at your own pace within a six month timeframe.  You need to have strong discipline to complete this course and to do the homework without oversite from an instructor. These are usually the cheapest courses because they do not require an instructor to teach them, books or handouts- you will be printing all of that at your cost if you need notes.  

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